The sound of the waves on the beach, a massaging shampoo at the hairdresser, the sound of the pages of a book being turned or the smell of a cake coming out of the oven reviving a childhood memory... Just like the "Proust's Madeleine", ASMR is a phenomenon that triggers a feeling of reminiscence, bringing relaxation and well-being.

Reminiscent and wearable at the same time, our addictive Eau de Parfums reproduce the familiar smells that are dear to us and carry us away in our intense and timeless memories.

There is nothing more marvelous than wearing on your skin the scent that expresses our deep nature and awakens in us shivers of nostalgia and well-being.

The perfume conjugated in the present allows us to dress up our emotions and translate our moods.



All our senses are linked and their association makes it possible to increase our sensory experiences tenfold! Have you ever listened to a perfume ?

We offer a unique sensational immersion with our videos matched to the fragrances, recorded in binaural sound.

Put on your headphones, start the video, spray your fragrance and close your eyes... you're as much in the present moment as in your memories...

The realism of our Eau de Parfums and our videos will take you on a wonderful olfactory and auditory ASMR experience.



Our Eau de Parfums last between 4 hours and a whole day depending on the perfume and the type of skin.

Our high quality Eau de Parfums have been developped by our Nose Marie Duchène and are made in the Grasse region, the world capital of perfumery. They are then bottled in the North of France in the Glass Valley which concentrates 70% of the world production of luxury bottles. The packaging design is made in Bordeaux by the founder and Designer Leslie Courtois.



Our Eau de Parfums meet the most draconian European standards.

They are also Vegan and do not contain parabens, preservatives, phthalates and dyes.

We are pleased that cosmetic testing on animals has been banned in the European Union since 2013, and therefore we comply with article 18 of regulation 1223/2009.



Our perfumes are made in a short circuit in order to limit the carbon footprint.

Our bottles and packaging are deliberately minimalist in order to limit energy-intensive manufacturing processes.

Our bottles and packaging are recyclable.



We consider that a smell is not gendered. Our Eau de parfums are unisex and we advocate freedom of identity. After all, everyone is free to wear whatever scent they like.



The art of layering two or more fragrances is a trending technique that allows you to create your own sillage. You can create your signature scent to reflect your personality or how you feel in the moment.

Our ASMR Fragrances fragrances are ideal for layering. Mix and match your scent memories to express your unique point of view!

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