Scent mixing, perfume layering, mix & match....

The art of layering two or more scents is a trending technique that allows you to create your own sillage. You can create your signature scent to reflect your personality or how you feel in the moment.

Our ASMR Fragrances perfumes are ideal for layering. Mix and match your olfactory souvenirs to express your unique perspective !

Maybe you love BONFIRE Whisper but would like to soften it ? Layer it with YUMMY Tingles and you will get this cocooning effect. The bonfire becomes a marshmallows melting session over the fireplace.

Maybe you love OCEAN Relaxation but would like to add a little sweetness to it ? Layer it with SLIME Satisfaction to add some tropical vibes to the freshness of the sea.

Want an ultra gourmand ? Try mixing YUMMY Tingles with SLIME Satisfaction !

See our recommandations below (winners underlined !) :

- BONFIRE Whisper : YUMMY Tingles or GRASS Tickles
- YUMMY Tingles : BONFIRE Whisper or SLIME Satisfaction or GRASS Tickles or OCEAN Relaxation
- GRASS Tickles : BONFIRE Whisper or YUMMY Tingles or OCEAN Relaxation or SLIME Satisfaction
- OCEAN Relaxation : HAIR SALON Grooming or SLIME Satisfaction or GRASS Tickles or YUMMY Tingles
- RAIN Tapping : we did not find a good match, yet...
- HAIR SALON Grooming : OCEAN Relaxation
- SLIME Satisfaction : OCEAN Relaxation or YUMMY Tingles or GRASS Tickles

We advise to apply the strongest fragrance first and then the lightest. This will prevent the stronger scent from overpowering the lighter one.

Avoid mixing two fragrances with very strong personalities or too faceted and complex.

You can also spray one scent on your wrists and another on your neck.

Play around with different combinations and don’t be afraid to experiment, there is no right or wrong :)

Tell us about your best layering combos in the comments below !

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The Bonfire / Yummy combo 🤯 it’s my favorite, I wear it everyday


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